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SAMCO Company is active at two sections of telecommunications and computer networks by presenting modern solutions for realizing qualitative and quantitative goals of the employers.


Areas of Activity at Telecommunication Section

•    Execution of cell phone projects:
o    Site Location, civil work, installation and commissioning
o    Building and installation of radio masts
o    Installation and commissioning of BTS equipment
o    Installation and commissioning of MSC, BSC equipment
•    Execution of Wimax and Data projects
o    Installation and commissioning of Data equipment
o    Installation and commissioning of GPRS equipment
o    Building and installation of Wimax sites
•    Designing, building, installing and commissioning 3G sites
•    Execution of high capacity and low capacity PDH and SDH radio links and execution of radio links at BTS sites
•    Execution of SDH high capacity projects( Optimux, Multiplexer)
•    Execution of PMP radios, point to point (directional), Diversity (unidirectional) for transferring data on oil and marine platforms.
•    Maintenance of cellular networks at different sections: FLM(BSC, BSS, NPO, PM, CM)


Areas of Activity at Computer Networks Section

•    Designing,  installing, commissioning and backing up computer networks: LAN, WAN, Wired, Wireless, Fiber Optic
•    Technical consultation and supervision at areas of: Design and installation of computer networks at Passive & Active sections.
•    Reviewing and checking computer networks and completely improving them according to the latest international standards, both passive & active.
•    Designing and counseling in the field of implementation and improvement of emergency power system of the network according to organization’s need and distribution of computer resources.
•    Supplying equipment and servers of: HP, Intel, Compaq, etc.
•    Provision of Active and Passive equipment of the network: Legrand, Nexans, Belden, Conectix, HP, ASUS, CISCO, D Link, 3Com, etc.
•    Preparation of telecommunication and radio equipment: VOIP Device, Router, DVB, Satellite.
•    Supply of informatics and office equipment: Computer, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, Security Equipment (IP Camera, etc.)
•    Supervising the execution, engineering, and goods and equipment supply.
•    Supply of goods (domestic, international) and technical supervision on the supply.
•    Determination of education methods according to ongoing standards and supervision on courses
•    Identification and supply of internet connection beds
•    Commissioning of IT department for organizations and companies.
•    Designing Customize software pieces at different areas
•    Designing organizational websites.
•    Signing periodical contracts for training organizations’ personnel (ICDL international courses).
•    Provision of services for testing copper cables and optic fiber by the latest FLUKE analyzers.
•     Supply of IT manpower.

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