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Introducing the Company
SAMCO Co. (Private Joint Stock) acts with the purpose of contribution to further development and improvement of information and communications technology as well as promotion of technical knowledge of the country by taking advantages of experts comprising of experienced and relevant engineers.
By creating a dynamic environment and appropriate organization, this company is capable of administering large projects in the country and to achieve such targets it has provided long term and short term plans along with establishment of experienced scientific-specialized teems in execution of the different projects.
This group is comprised of experienced managers and expert who have operated at different telecommunication and computer networks grounds and have been holding key responsibilities at large international telecommunication companies such as: Ericson, Nokia, MSN, Mycom, Inta and have recorded management and execution experience of working at various parts of large telecommunication projects like MCI GC162, MTN, Talia, different phases of MCI(1,2,3,& 4), TX6 and DWDM.
The present package has been provided to introduce branches of the company’s activity and to give statistics of potentials, equipment, expert manpower, organizational structure and also information related to accomplished projects. By intensive efforts and attempts along with promotion of ever increasing productivity, hope that we can take an effective step toward development of telecommunication industry of our country.

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